what's a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a group of people who like something: i.e. a group of people who like wolves. All a fanlisting is is a list of fans to do with that particular person, item, or object; it joins together people with similar interests.

final fantasy

Final Fantasy is an ever expanding series of games. XIII is the thirteenth game in the mainline series, and is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, a subseries encompassing Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, and Type-0 itself, and the idea is that they use the same mythos and ideas to tell different stories.

What starts out as a mission to rescue Lightning's sister, Serah, goes drastically wrong when the lead heroes become l'Cie, and are thus outcast from Cocoon. They must fulfil their Focus, or they face an eternal future as a monster, a Cie'th. Lightning and her friends decide to go against their Focus of destroying Cocoon, eventually learning the motives of those around them and the corruption of Cocoon itself along the way.

lightning & serah

Lightning is the lead protagonist of the XIII saga as a whole, whilst Serah is the protagonist of the second game, XIII-2. Lightning is Serah's effective care-giver, her sister and her guardian, and in order to be what she thought Serah needed, she gave up a lot of herself and became Lightning. Serah, meanwhile, was the studious, quiet one, the one who is most human and most feminine, but with a will of tempered steel.

The relationship between the two sisters becomes strained as the years pass on, and reaches a confrontation over two things - the fact that Serah wants to get married to Snow, and that she's become a l'Cie - and subsequently falls apart. When Lightning loses Serah, what she wants most is to apologise for what she did, and for that rift between them to mend, and mend it does, in the end: Serah forgives her, and Lightning gives her a blessing. But that's not all fate does in tearing them apart.

Lightning and Serah go through time periods, alternative worlds, alternative timelines, servitude and playthings of Gods and much more in their respective quests with seeing each other again as the highest reward and goal.

Though Final Fantasy XIII is about a lot of things, it is the tale of two sisters and the ends they would go to in order to be together again, no matter what becomes of themselves.